Menu of Viet Kong Restaurant

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Menu 全日菜單

Daily Special 常餐

Chef's Recommendation 廚師推介

All Day Special 全日供應

Stir-Fried 經濟小炒

Sandwiches 三文治

Noodle in Soup 湯麵

Spaghetti in Soup 湯意粉

Vermicelli in Soup 湯米粉

Rice Noodle in Soup 湯河粉

Satay 自製沙爹

Rice 飯

Baked with Rice 焗飯

Fried Noodle or Vermicelli or Rice Noodle 炒粉麵或意粉

Curry 自製咖喱

Black Pepper Sauce 黑椒

Omelette 奄列

Snack 小食

Drink 飲品

Afternoon Tea 下午茶